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  • SilkFX™ Filling

    • The Revolutionary New Silk Fibre Technology.

    • Developed to improve the durability and washing abilities of natural silk fibres.

    • Make your offering stand out from the rest with our unique SilkFX™ Technology.


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  • We keep our promises to our partners

    High quality products and impeccable service

    • Extensive and ongoing support from our team

    • A wide and diversified assortment of high quality products

    • An easy investment with low risks and high returns


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  • We are there every step of the way

    Reliable and efficient we believe in providing risk free business

    • We handle the entire process: from purchase order, to product and on to product delivery

    • All year round supply to cater for changing seasons

    •  Extremely flexible partnership options: from private labels to distribution rights


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  • We conduct research to further improve all of our products

    We develop our own technologies

    • In house research and development department

    • We develop our own technologies

    • Pioneering Studies within Sleep Sciences and Natural fibres

    • Partnerships with Universities and Research Institutes

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  • Qualify and benefit from our cooperative advertising subsidy

    We offer you a cooperative advertising subsidy

    • Innovative marketing solutions

    • Drive to store incentives

    • Backed up by a team of marketing experts

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Who we are

We are a team of visionaries who want to improve people’s daily lives through better sleep – while improving the standards of the sleeping industry along the way. Get to know us!

Who We Are

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