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Research and Technologies

Sense of Nature R&T is constantly carrying out original research on a mission to discover and develop new technologies and solutions. The four main areas of focus are the sleeping sciences and its neurophysiological implications, silk/natural fibres, e-commerce solutions for the home textiles industry, as well as exploring the habits of the online home textiles consumer.

Sense of Nature R&T has been creating innovative research on a wide variety of topics ranging from the chemical formation of silk, exploration of new technologies related to sleeping neurophysiology, building innovative e-commerce environments and mapping consumer behaviour.

As a company deeply committed to innovation, we are deeply involved in building a network of research partners in four main areas in order to publish original research that changes the market for the better. We take pride in having secured a number of prestigious international partnerships with institutions such as the University of Bedfordshire’s Institute for Health Research, as well as other laboratories and research centres known for their levels of excellence.

The drive to develop original research and technologies means that the R&T Department is experiencing high levels of success in making the best use of funds issued by the European Commission. Our research findings are applied on an industrial level to products that reach thousands of consumers, implementing a bridge between research on an academic level and applying knowledge on a practical basis.

This calls for the need of seamless coordination between business planning and research areas. Within Sense of Nature, R&T supervises the research programs, initiates new projects and makes plans for background analysis and manages the always increasing number of in-house developed technologies and other intellectual property. Together with the production team, the department also controls and evaluates the testing and implementation of such methodologies, before, as well as during, the physical manufacturing stage, providing technical advice and expertise.

Research and Technologies
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