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The main aim of the Research and Technologies team is to pioneer a number of new technologies in the natural fibres, bedding and sleeping sciences. A number of ongoing collaborations with world leading universities, institutes and research centers puts Sense of Nature in a unique position to be able to be the industry leader in both the development and deployment of technologies that effect the way people sleep at night.


The paper discusses both the benefits and the effects of silk fibres in humans with the added advantages which counter a number of health conditions due to the silk’s chemical structure. The study describes and analyses both the processes taking place to refine silk as well as the long term benefits derived from its natural properties
The research document gives an overview of the benefits of high quality silk products especially related to its main benefits (mainly being its Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Healing and Temperature Regulating properties) . A wide range of scientific literature has looked at this relationship over these last years from a multitude of different disciplines.

This pioneering study aims at examining the effect of different sleeping environments and other related variables on a number neurological conditions.

his reflective report deals with a number of studies in the area that take this stance and builds a theoretical model that the “Sleeping brain” might be a “Parallel” system with its own electro chemical functions and wavelengths that go beyond the “Delta” frequency ranges and REM /NREM scales.

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