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SilkFX™ Washable Silk Duvets

SilkFX™ is a nano based technology developed in-house by Sense of Nature R&T department, which improves the natural abilities of the silk fibres and makes washable silk duvets, pillows and mattress pads..  Basing our product development cycle on actual scientific research and testing makes our brand unique and different from our competition. SilkFX™ fibres provide several additional benefits to the end user when applied to our washable silk duvets and pillows brands.

Machine washable silk duvets

How SilkFX™ Works

This technology is a unique compound that enhances the properties and strength of the natural silk filling present in our duvets and pillows, which is added during the refinement process to create a completely new type of enhanced  silk fibre.

The resulting fibres adds to the material by enhancing the hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties typically associated with silk and strengthens the silk’s washing abilities.

Combined with NordicComfort®’s documented positive properties, SilkFX™ abilities make these products an excellent choice for families that value natural and healthy alternatives.

Washable silk duvets

4 Benefits of SilkFx™ Fibres

SilkFX™ retains all the documented natural properties of silk fibres while enhancing them to provide a better sleep and adding a new layer of abilities. All the benefits listed below are enhanced to be more effective because of this revolutionary new approach to developing silk bedding solution:

1. Washable at Higher Temperatures

This is the completely new feature in a silk duvet. Normally, people are advised to wash their silk duvet with cold water or by hand.  This is inefficient at eliminating bacteria build up that occurs over the span of several years.  With our washable silk fibres anyone can keep their silk bedding clean and healthy. With SilkFX™, washable silk duvets, can be washed using a 7kg+ capacity washing machine.

2. Anti-Bacterial & Hypo-allergenic

SilkFX™ uses natural systems to repel bacteria and actively reduce bacteria levels. The fibre directs the combined effects of steady temperatures and moisture reduction to completely destroy the chance of any bacteria has of spreading.

3. Temperature Regulating & Breathable

SilkFX™ is a unique type of fabric due to its hollow formation that enables the texture to transpire the excess heat whilst still keeping in the needed amount of warmth. The fabric is comfortable and cool during the summer and cozy and warm in the winter.

4. Moisture Absorbent

As the SilkFX™ material is derived from high quality mulberry silk, it has been proven to retain the natural qualities keeping it highly absorbent: it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Silk will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe.

SilkFX™ Fibres for Business

We are continually developing SilkFX™ fibres as a central solution for business growth for our partners. Adding a machine washable duvet with abilities that are really hard to find anywhere else to a product or service offering is a surefire way to attract new clientele as well as to keep established customers happy and coming back. Head over to the partner pages to check out a video about the SilkFX™ business advantage and to sign-up for our business to business offer. You can also contact us directly at:

SilkFX™ - Washable silk fibers

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