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Bedding Products

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How many different types and names of bedding products exist? Here’s a list of the commonest types of bedding with a brief explanation of each one. Let’s start from the bottom of the bed and go up:

Bedding products


The mattress is the basis of the bed and where you put all bedding products for a good sleeping experience. Types include:

Traditional innerspring mattress

  • The commonest type of mattress,
  • Consists of a spring zone and a comfort layer as the support system,
  • The innerspring is the source of support and provides proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

Latex foam mattresses

  • Are quickly gaining popularity,
  • Made with a latex foam core as the support system,
  • Change according to the body’s shape to provide a higher level of comfort with proper spinal alignment,
  • Are good bedding products for those who suffer with overheating.

Memory foam mattresses

  • Made with visco-elastic memory foam core as the support system,
  • Ability to deliver both comfort and spinal support,
  • Memory foam can cause hotter sleep than other types of foam,
  • Provides significant pressure relief to help reduce tossing and turning.

Mattress Protector

  • Also called by other names such as mattress topper, mattress pad, or underpad,
  • It is placed on top of mattress or encase it to provide protection while also providing extra soft padding and comfort,
  • Certain mattress protectors also provide healthy benefits with the ability to reject dust mites, bed bugs and mold,
  • Constructed in cotton / polyester blend fabric, polyester batting fill and silk,
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Bedding: mattress pad

Bed Sheet

A bed sheet is a thin rectangular piece of cloth that covers the mattress and the mattress protector. It’s one of the bedding products which you lie on directly to sleep. It can be made of cotton, silk and man made fibers.

Fitted sheet

  • Typically features elastic corners or sides (either two or four sides),
  • May also be secured to the mattress using a drawstring instead of elastic,
  • The purpose is to keep the sheet from slipping off the mattress.

Flat sheet

  • Is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth, normally quite large.

Duvet, Comforter & Blanket

Bedding: duvet

Duvet cover

A cloth or sheet that covers the duvets or comforter. Its purpose is to protect the duvet from stains, body moisture and other damage such as spilt hot drinks. It can be made of cotton, silk or man made fibers.


  • A large cushion that supports the head, neck, shoulders, and upper parts of the body.
  • Can be a cloth case stuffed with down, feathers, foam rubber and silk.
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Bedding: pillow


The equivalent of the duvet cover but for pillows. It is a sheet or cloth that covers and protects the pillow and can be made of cotton, man made fibers and silk.


Having the proper assortment of bedding products is important for a sleep experience that provides the maximum rest possible. These are products everyone spends at least eight hours sleeping on every single night, and so should be chosen with care and with health benefits in mind.


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