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History of the duvet


A duvet is the filled bedding product that covers your body and keeps you warm at night.


The origin of the word duvet is French, “duvet”, and it was first used in rural Europe. Historically, a duvet was typically filled with down and feathers from ducks and geese to provide the thermal insulation needed during sleep.


The first duvets were made of down feathers. Once man made fibers started to appear on the market they were also used to fill these bedding products. A duvet filled with just man made fibers is in fact quite common nowadays. The latest evolution of the duvet, however, is to use silk fibers as filling.

A duvet

Fillings for your duvet

The duvet has a cover and a filling, in most of the case the two fibers used for these are different from each other.

Silk filling

Silk filling for a duvet is the latest evolution of this bedding product. Silk, being a natural fiber, delivers natural health benefits and help people with asthma or allergy sleep comfortably. Furthermore, a silk filled duvet can keep the body at the ideal temperature, avoiding overheating and heavy sweating at night.

Down & feather filling

A down & feather filled duvet is the most traditional type of duvet, which hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s characterized by a thick and fluffy profile. Its main disadvantage is that is many cases it keeps the body too warm and doesn’t let the body / skin breathe. Furthermore, down and feather filled duvets create an environment that encourages dust mites to grow, making this type of duvet definitely not ideal for those who suffer from asthma or dust mite allergy.

Man made filling

The third option is to fill the duvet either with 100% or mixed man made fibers. It is more common to have a mixture of these, such as silk and man made or down and man made. Man made fiber don’t deliver the health benefits that silk does but are easier to keep clean and to wash than a feather duvet.

The filling of a duvet

Covers for your duvet

The cover of the duvet is what surrounds the filing fiber, and acts like a protective shell. It is the fabric that directly touches the skin.

Silk cover

Usually on a duvet filled with silk you have a cover in silk as well. These are the most prestigious products that also deliver the most health benefits.

Cotton cover

Is probably the most used cover fabric. Silk, down and also man made filled duvets often use cotton covers. Cotton is nice to touch and a good compromise between quality and price.

Man made cover

Man made covers is the cheapest solution to cover a duvet and is used both for silk and down duvets.

The cover of a duvet

Heat scale and seasons

Generally, a duvet can be classified within one of three different heat scales: warm, medium and cool that respectively are meant for winter, all year round and summer. The heat is calculated in grams per square meters. For a NordicComfort® silk duvet you can refer to the following heat guide to understand better the seasons and level of heat offered:

  • 150 g/sqm to 250 g/sqm is good for summer and is considered a light duvet.
  • 250 g/sqm to 325 g/sqm is good for all year around and is considered a medium duvet.
  • 325 g/sqm to 400 g/sqm is good for winter and is considered a warm duvet.
Duvet heat guide

Sizes of a duvet

The sizes and also the usage of a duvet vary from country to country. In Europe almost every country has slightly different sizes, then there is US, South America, Asia and every other country in the world. To have a better insight I recommend you read this article on Wikipedia.

Sizes of a duvet

Duvets and health

A duvet plays a major role in the quality of sleep that people get. Since the main causes of sleep discomfort are related to overheating, sweat, allergy and asthma. All of there are mainly caused by a duvet that doesn’t let the body breath and is not a clean product. Many studies relate sleep discomfort to more serious illnesses and disorders such as diabetes, stress, obesity, and many more. Suggesting the right duvet to your customers is not only a good sale but it’s a way to improve their health and their life!

Duvet heat guide


We’re very passionate about duvets and how people sleep so if you have any question or would like to talk about sleeping, bedding and, of course, business we’re very happy to hear from you, just use the LiveChat, the comments section below or send us an email or give us a call. Hear you soon ;)


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