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How We Launched SilkDreams™ in 3 Countries

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Summer Duvet with SilkFX™  Technology Exclusively Made For Leading European Bedding Retailer now in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Recently, we saw the successful retail launch of the latest innovative sleep product designed and developed by Sense of Nature. The product launch is attracting strong interest from consumers as well as retailers, as we now move into the peak summer season.

SilkDreams SilkFX Duvet

Partnership with Leading European Bedding Retailer

For this specific retailer we worked to understand their needs and based on obtained information created an offer that helped them build on their established “silk” success from previous years (also with Sense of Nature as partner).

The new duvet was created to address two specific consumer demands as below:

  • Affordable luxury – the wish to get high quality materials to value shelf prices,
  • To sleep better – the demand for powerful fibre properties to positively impact the user’s sleep.

The SilkDreams™  summer duvet was created to achieve both points while still being within an attractive price range and a having strong consumer satisfaction level after initial purchase.

Responding to Increasing Consumer Demand

What Shoppers Want

How was SilkDreams™ designed to achieve these goals for our partner?

Mainly, we wanted a vehicle that would give the most complete satisfaction for the consumer – for our partner’s long-term repeat business.

The SilkDreams™ duvet is a direct response developed to assist our retail partner in answering increasing consumer demand, where shoppers consistently choose natural silk filing in their new duvets. As a secondary business objective the product also attracts new shoppers because of its unique abilities and health benefits.

How did we achieve the business objectives?

By using our proven washable SilkFX™ fibre technology. The fibres have been developed by Sense of Nature and are unique to the world market as one of the best natural fibres for use in filled sleeping products.

In addition to proven retail successes, the fibres are documented to outperform down/feather/man-made and normal silk when measured for properties such as Anti-bacterial, Temperature regulating, Moisture management, Heat retention and Insulation levels.

The result for retailers and consumers

  • SilkFX™ filling technology is the differentiating factor acting as a powerful attractor for shoppers to visit the retailers stores,
  • The technology help the retailer upsell and improve turnover with less sold units,
  • The consumers get the properties promised, resulting in high satisfaction levels and referral orders from friends and family, for the retailer’s sustainable category performance.

Conclusion: A Healthy Sleep Through Nature, Research and Technology 

We have created a product that is now helping JYSK boost their business in the silk sleep category while at the same time supporting a healthy sleep environment for thousands of consumers in three different countries.

If you want to learn how Sense of Nature and our SilkFX™ fibres can help you achieve next season’s business objectives please visit our retail partners page to learn more!

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