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5 Types of Customers Who Buy Silk Duvets and How To Target Them

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If you’re trying to sell more silk duvets to make the most of your investment, you need to understand who you’re selling to. There are certain types of people who are better suited to target in your marketing. For some ideas, here are the top 5 types of people who will buy silk duvets:

1. College Students

College students are always stressed out with deadlines and exams, and some might feel home sick and need some comfort . A luxurious silk duvet provides a different type of rest experience that they will love!

2. Young Professionals

Young professionals are motivated to choose silk duvets in order to make the most of a good sleep, both in terms of luxury, and to wake up feeling refreshed each morning and face the day with more energy.

3. Newly Married Couples

Target your marketing to those looking for bedding for a new home, such as newly married couple. These customers will be looking at improved their previous situations. Silk duvets represent an investment in a high quality of life. Also, a silk duvet make an excellent gift for newly married couples!

4. Parents

With the right product and offer, you can tap into the the protective and nurturing nature of this consumer segment. As they will be looking for a safe, healthy option, new parents with a baby or young kids are higher possible buyers of your silk duvet offering! What’s more, SilkFX™ duvets are washable for added convenience!

5. Retired Citizens

They have a had a long life full of contributions and now want to enjoy their retirement to the maximum. A pure silk duvet offers a range of health benefits so that they can sleep comfortable and relieve stress.


Selling is all about understanding your customers, knowing what they need, what their problems are, and offering the right solution. A silk duvet is not just a commodity, it is an investment for anyone to have. Use this opportunity and give your customers what they’re looking for!

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