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7 Free Ways to Promote your eCommerce

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So you have an eCommerce site or are responsible for promoting one?  What if I tell you that today we have 7 free ideas which you can implement right now for actual results such as increasing the visitors and sales of your site without spending a cent? Yep, let’s get started!

1 – Optimize your eCommerce for SEO

Make sure that the people who search on Google for your products find your store and not your competitor’s one. You can do this by optimising your eCommerce for search engines. For some inspiration, read:

Optimize your eCommerce for SEO

2 – Submit your product feeds

Once you’ve created your eShop you can easily generate product feeds and submit it to “third party sites” where they will be listed and attract new customers. A great, and free, service to do this is RetailTower and the free third party sites are:

Submit your product feeds

3 – Use revenue sharing marketing models

Having other people promoting your site in exchange of shares of your revenue doesn’t require any marketing investments and you’ll pay only once the product is sold. Try:

Online revenue sharing marketing models

4 – Start a blog a.k.a create awesome content

This action goes together with the first point of this article, great content, optimized for SEO, scores well on search results, is a constant traffic driver, generates links and helps you position yourself and your site as an expert and a trusted source in your field.
Create great content

5 – Host giveaways

If you have an ecommerce site most probably you can give some products away in exchange of promotion or newsletter subscribers. Create contests and competitions to motivate your visitors to follow your company and signup to your newsletter. Once they have opted in you can send them promotions and special offers.
Host giveaways

6 – Promote social sharing

Gamification is in! Study a way to give points to your users everytime they share your products or your content on their preferred social network. This will give you free exposure / marketing and your visitors will gain points with which later they can claim a discount or some special offer.
Promote social shopping and social sharing

7 – Test, track and improve

All the above points are worth nothing if you can’t understand exactly which activity brought which result. Track everything with:

Do split tests to see what works best with:

Choose the best variants and campaigns and replicate them.

Track and measure eCommerce sites


Promoting your eCommerce doesn’t have to be expansive all the time, as you’ve seen there are different ways to stay on budget. The more creative you are the less you’ll spend. Remember also that one of the best possible marketing activity is still word of mouth, so make sure your users to talk about you. However, the first requirement is that you deliver good products / services and good customer care: if these are missing, the power of word of mouth can act against you. Concentrate on delivering great service and try always to surprise your customers so they will speak about you and become your brand advocates!

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