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3 Ways to Increase Your Retail Sales Today

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A final marketing push can be a really effective way to increase your retail sales. Apply these 3 easy ideas to achieve your sales targets:

1 – Reward your customers

  • Create a simple reward scheme that gives a discount or a free (overstocked) product with every purchased.
  • Promote a discount when people purchase on their birthday.
  • Use social networks to create discount schemas, such as Groupon and Foursquare
Reward your best customers

2 – Give out free samples

If you have free samples give them to all the people who purchase something, they will try your new product or give it to a friend to try it out. It’s free marketing, and you’ll increase the returning visitors looking for the new product. Furthermore you’re giving out something away for free and unexpected: in this way you go beyond their expectations, generating surprise and word of mouth marketing.

Give free samples

3 – Suggest the right product

Forget about the most expensive or the product where you have the highest margins, suggesting the right solution for your customers’ needs is a sure way to ensure a sale. They will appreciate it, will recognize you as an expert,  recommend you to their friends and come back the next time because they TRUST you. So don’t look only at the momentum, because providing good service will increase, trust, returning customers and word of mouth marketing.

Suggest the right product

4 – Improve your selling skills (Bonus)

Improve your skills

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