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What is Mulberry silk?

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Many times while reading the details on product packaging or whilst surfing in the internet you may come across the term Mulberry Silk, but what does it mean exactly?

In one simple definition: Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk on the market, mostly used to fill bedding products such as duvets / comforters and pillows.

How do you recognize Mulberry silk?

Considered by the experts as “the queen of fibers” when refined, Mulberry silk is made up of individual long fibers which take on a pure white colour. You will be able to determine that the quality of silk is Mulberry if the length of the fibers are around 25 cm. You will also notice a distinctive scent coming from Mulberry silk, which is quite sharp, but it’s simply its natural odour.

Fiber properties of Mulberry silk

  • Colour: pure white
  • Purity/Refined: high purity/normally refined
  • Fiber Fineness: up to 0.7 out of 1 (higher is better)
  • Uniform Range: yes
  • Length: longer than 25.0cm
  • Lifespan: last 10 years or longer with the proper care
Mulberry silk

From where do silk fibers originate?

Mulberry silk fibers arise from the natural cocoon made by the bombyx mori silkworm who is raised in captivity and fed only with Mulberry leaves. Once the cocoons are mature, the fiber is extracted and used to produce silk duvets and pillows.

So, is Mulberry silk the best fiber for duvets?

No… it’s surely a very one of the best natural fibers, but, here at Sense of Nature, we’ve developed a unique fiber that enhances even further the natural health benefits of Mulberry silk. SilkFX™ is the next generation of silk fibers for filled products!


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