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What is SilkFX™?

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Daniel and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Sense of Nature. Today, I will try to explain to you what SilkFX™ fibers are in a few minutes.

First of all, SilkFX™ fibers are the result of five years of research. You would probably asks us why we did this, and the reason is that we found out that seven out of ten people suffer from some kind of discomfort on a regular basis when they use conventional bedding. That led us on to start searching for a solution to this problem, and we found that solution in nature.

Afterwards, we looked at nature and tried to find out which type of fiber would be best suited to the task of reducing the discomfort that results when sleeping with traditional bedding. We looked quite broadly and found something which is called a natural bio polymer : most people probably know this fiber as silk. This is what the SilkFX™ fibers originated from: a natural bio polymer which in its essence is a very high quality long Mulberry silk fiber. This makes it unique to market. There is no other company presently in the market that does this type of fiber.

One of the things that we wanted the SilkFX™ fibers to achieve was to provide a really luxurious bedding but to affordable prices, because this is not a fiber that is only suitable for those who have a big budget but also those who just want a good duvet, a good pillow, to affordable prices. We are quite proud to be able to say that we present our customers and our consumer clients with the highest ratio between the price that you pay and also the quality that you get in the materials.

One of the other things that is important while you sleep – and this is actually one of the most common causes for discomfort at night – is that these SilkFX™ fibers have the ability to reduce overheating and to also remove the excess body moisture that everybody releases while they sleep their 8 to 9 hours. The way that they do this is that the fibers themselves – the natural bio polymer of silk – is a highly breathable fiber. What we did is that we tried to retain the properties so that the SilkFX™ fibers are even more breathable than normal silk fibers. One of the things that really kicks in when it comes to this effect is that it has a hollow fiber core, which allows the fiber to soak in the body moisture and capture it inside the fiber, so it actually removes the moisture away from your body.

Furthermore, these fibers provide active protection against dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs.  This is possible because we did not add any artificial chemicals. Instead, we looked at the fibers themselves and then we utilised nature’s own defence mechanism. Silk in its natural form is made from nature in a way that the silk caterpillar inside is protected against the bacteria, insects, moisture, and all the things around it that would be harmful to the caterpillar inside. Those mechanisms are actually be transferred into the bedding product.

When you compare the SilkFX™ fibers to other fibers that are normally used in duvets and pillows you get the only fiber that actively works against these things that you don’t want in your bed: the dust mites, the microorganisms, and the bed bugs, which is a unique and beneficial ability to bring to bed.

The last thing that I would like to present today is that these fibers, because they are so fine and so long, and because they still have the hollow core inside, are actually the natural fibers with the highest heat retention ability; so they’re able to store a lot of heat. They also have the slowest heat release pace. What that means for you is that when you sleep with the SilkFX™ fibers they would gradually heat up in connection with your body sleep patterns. When your body temperature goes down, it would also retain enough heat to provide a stable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

So that’s it for the SilkFX™ fibers, there’s of course lots more to the story but today we only had a few minutes to go through the main features of these fibers.


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