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What We Do

We create innovative solutions for the sleeping products industry. We do this by providing our customers with solutions that help drive their business forward in new and exciting ways.

We work with forward-looking hotels, retailers, manufacturers and distributors who want to leverage the major opportunity in the fastest growing category in sleeping products: silk duvets and pillows.

Silk Duvets & Pillows

Our quality silk brand for duvets and pillow,  NordicComfort®,  acts as a a key driver of new and returning business for our partners.

Our silk duvet and pillows target a growing global community of dedicated lifestyle connoisseurs that select each product based on its special properties and health benefits. To this end, all our pillows and duvets result from quality scientific research that uncovers and enhances the unique properties of silk. This unique edge is further enhanced by implementing highly innovative and certified technologies that increase breathability, fight allergies and provide unparalleled comfort.

We can also develop private labels and other branded solutions for your particular needs.

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SilkFX™ Fibres

We develop our own silk fibres that enhance the natural abilities of the silk. Our Research & Technologies department has successfully created SilkFX™ technology that makes silk washable at higher temperatures using normal washing equipment found in every home.  Using a unique nanotechnology that is applied to the product, SilkFX™ is a solid differentiating factor that makes NordicComfort® stand out from all the other standard silk duvets on the market.

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Research & Technology

Our research aims to improve the lives of people through better sleep. This results in a highly targeted product line that drives growth for our retail and distribution partners, by virtue of providing a solution that is wanted by the end-consumers.

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