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Silk Duvet & Bedding

We create and develop our own silk duvet and pillows brand, as well as offer private label development to our clients.

Our pioneering work on developing our enhanced silk solution known as SilkFX™ has introduced a completely new segment within sleeping products. That is why we can offer the only silk duvet and pillow brand on the market that is washable at higher temperatures.

Why Choose Silk Bedding

How We Create Our Silk Bedding

All our silk fibres are sourced from the highest quality Mulberry silk producers to ensure the best international certification standards.

Our production cycle starts several months before putting a new product on the market. We conduct a very thorough research and testing process that ensures that our silk bedding delivers real solutions to persistent problems such allergies and overheating that many of our users face every night.

Our silk duvets and pillows are also enhanced with technologies developed through our own research, and that are unavailable anywhere else. This places Sense of Nature in the position to lead the way in shaping the bedroom environment of the future according to the needs of people today.

Filling of a silk duvet

Our Silk Duvet Brand – NordicComfort®

NordicComfort® is our main channel for providing a better, healthier sleep to thousands of people globally.

Our fine quality NordicComfort® silk duvets and pillows employ the latest scientific research to provide a better overall sleeping experience.  Our own specially developed nanotechnology, SilkFX™, is applied to our long-thread Mulberry silk filling to create a completely new type fibre, one that improves the silk’s natural abilities as well as makes it safe and easy to wash at home.

What’s more, our expertise on the industry enables us to develop the NordicComfort® range of silk duvets and pillows so that we can help our clients:

  • Fit all price points and assortments and therefore reach more people
  • Answer direct and growing consumer demand for healthier bedding alternatives
  • Offer the only silk duvet and pillow brands that is washable at higher temperatures.

As a design and branding oriented company, we believe that it’s of critical importance not only to develop the best quality silk duvets and pillows, but to develop a concept that communicates our vision, knowledge and the product’s benefits efficiently to the end-user. For further info write us at

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