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Silk Duvets

Silk duvets are what people are looking for. Natural alternatives to the traditional down and feather duvets are a more and more common request from your customers and silk is the perfect fiber to craft a healthy and natural bedding that satisfies your customers and improves their health.

Silk duvets

Filling of our duvets

Traditional mulberry silk fibers are a good choice to create healthy, natural duvets but if you want to differentiate yourself and stand out from the craw you’ll have to choose a duvet that is filled with the unique SilkFX™ fibers. These proprietary fibers that we’ve developed in-house enhance the natural health benefits of the silk fibers and makes your next duvet assortment irresistible.

Silk filled duvet

Properties of silk duvets

Apart from attracting new consumers and helping you stand out, our silk duvets completely deliver on the promise of an improved sleep. That means that your customers will be more satisfied with the purchase they make in your store and will associate your brand with high quality, good value and trustworthy products.

Why should your customers choose a silk duvet?

While our silk duvets are highly attractive and will help anyone sleep better, certain customers will benefit more from choosing a silk duvet. Here’s a list to help you give them the most value!

  • They suffer from asthma: silk duvets reduce asthmatic reactions, letting your customers sleep tight.
  • They suffer from dust mite allergies: silk duvets create a hostile environment for dust mites, removing almost completely all the allergy triggers and helping your customers sleep throughout the whole night.
  • They overheat and sweat: silk duvets naturally help regulate the sleeping body temperature, and absorb the excess body moisture customers sleep dry and comfortable.
  • They are looking for convenience: duvets filled with SilkFX™ are easy to keep clean because they can be washed in the comfort of your customers’ home with a standard 7kg washing machine.
Healthy aspects of a silk duvet

Different types of duvets

You can choose between a wide range of duvets that fit in all your possible price points.

  • Best: 100% SilkFX™ filled duvet with pure Mulberry silk cover. The absolute best quality silk-filled duvet which delivers all the natural health benefits of silk. It’s the recommended choice for those who suffer from the above mentioned sleep discomfort.
  • Better: 100% SilkFX™ filled duvet with a fine cotton cover. A great solution at a very good price.It fits the medium price range and attracts new shoppers who want to get the health benefits and good value for money.
  • Good: blended SilkFX™ and man made fibers. Satisfies customers looking for healthy duvets within the lower price brackets. It’s perfect for those who are just getting to know silk fibers for the first time.
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Silk duvet production

Solutions for you

  • NordicComfort® is our own brand of duvets and it’s a great solution if you need a product that people can recognize and trust.
  • Exclusive NordicComfort® products can also be done if you want the exclusivity but also the brand recognition.
  • Private label is the solution if you want to keep your own brand but create a high quality product.
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