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Silk Mattress Pads

We understand that many are concerned about their mattress being constantly exposed to bedroom environments that are too moist or too warm. Not only is a mattress is a substantial investment that should be protected against stains and the surface ripping, but it’s also important to be kept as comfortable as possible. Our silk mattress pads are created as the primary method to protect the mattress better against such threads.

Here’s a quick rundown of the great features in our range of silk mattress pads:

Increase Mattress Lifetime

As a mattress continues to be used, it may degrade in quality and become less comfortable until a new one has to be bought. Our silk mattress pad promise is to protect against damage inflicted by environmental moisture, body heat, and pressure on the mattress, to make sure that such an investment remains in use longer.

Improve Your Comfort

With their delicate softness, adding our silk mattress pad will increase the level of softness in the bed and improve the sleeping experience.  It’s much easier to fall asleep faster at night when the body is fully nestled and protected, which also means a better wake up the day after.

Absorb Moisture and Control Temperatures

With a silk mattress pad,  the bed is kept completely fresh and dry. A silk-filled mattress pad can absorbs high level of moisture by retaining it within its hollow internal structure.  What’s more, it can also act as a temperature regulator, by letting air flow around the prone body instead of trapping heat between the sleeper and the mattress.

Are Washable with SilkFX™ 

We know that in order to be efficient at protecting the mattress, the silk mattress pad should be washable at a higher temperature, in order to effectively eliminate any accumulating allergens. With SilkFX™ technology integrated in our mattress pad, people now have the ability to wash and clean the mattress topper in their own homes without worrying about damaging it.

Silk Mattress Pads
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