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Silk Pillows

A silk pillow is the bedding product that people use to support their head and neck. It can either be filled with 100% silk or various mixtures of silk with other fibers. It can have a cover made of silk, cotton or man made fiber.

Silk pillows

Why do people buy silk pillows?

  • Silk pillows are a natural solution for those who suffer from asthmatic and allergic problems. They can just rest peacefully without being woken up by reactions in the middle of the night.
  • Silk pillows are skin and hair friendly. They pamper the facial skin and help your customer wake up with smooth hair and soft skin.
  • Silk pillows are luxurious and comfortable. They are the solution for those who want the best sleeping environment for their head and neck.
Benefits of silk pillows

What types of pillows exist?

The main difference between pillow types is in the filling and the cover. Of course the size changes as well but this is more related to the country you operate in. Every region has its own sizes and every person has his/her own preferences.

Filling of the pillow

  • Pillows filled with 100% of silk: these are the products that deliver the most health benefits. They are usually filled with long fibers of mulberry silk, which is the most luxurious and exclusive type of silk. These pillows can be the solution for those who want the best pillows on the market or for those who have an allergy or asthmatic problem.
  • Pillows filled with mixed fibers: this is pillow that is not 100% silk but contains man made fibers. It is less expensive and luxurious, but still delivers some health benefits. The exact balance between silk and manmade fibers you choose will depend on your customer target. Some examples are: 20% manmade/80% silk or 40% manmade/60% silk.
The filling of pillows

Cover of the pillow

  • Silk: long fibers of mulberry silk filling the duvet, making it just irresistible to the touch. For those who want the best and enjoy the unique texture of silk on the skin.
  • Cotton: some people like the familiarity of cotton. While it is less soft, cotton is still really comfortable.
  • Man made: it’s the least expensive solution to wrap up the pillow, and is perfect for those who want to save some money.
Cover of pillows

Silk pillows v.s. SilkFX™ pillows

You can sell silk pillows and have give your customer all the same benefits that they’ll get with a common silk duvet, or you can sell a SilkFX™ and give them much more!

  • Enhanced natural health benefits: the fibers used to fill your duvet improve the natural abilities that normal silk provides.
  • Convenience: SilkFX™ pillows give the possibility to machine wash the duvet at home while retaining all the health benefits.
  • Brand recognition: having the SilkFX™ logo attached to the packaging transmits trust and increases sales. People know and trust SilKFX™.
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Pillows filled with silk

Why should you start to sell SilkFX™ pillows today?

  • Natural alternatives to traditional bedding product is a fast growing trend.
  • You can grow your business by following this consumer trend.
  • You give them the perfect product they are looking for with the SilkFX™ plus what they are not expecting.
  • You generate a WOW effect that drives word-of-mouth marketing and and repetitive sales.
  • You increase your customer loyalty by providing the product they’ll love.
  • You position yourself as an expert in the field of bedding and healthy sleep.
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Start selling silk pillows

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