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We are in the business of providing thousands of savvy consumers with better sleeping alternatives. Intelligent market research shows us that the duvet and pillow market is saturated with generic down feature and synthetic fibre products. We are proposing that the key to raising the bar in this field is through improving how organic silk fibres are integrated in bedding products.

Achieving this goal means that we develop unique products to transform people’s notions of sleep from a necessity to an enjoyable activity integral to a healthy lifestyle. Our Research & Technologies department is constantly running laboratory research with top academic centres on new samples in order to fully uncover the unique properties of our material of choice.

This drive to create original products is complemented by a team of creative professionals that understand consumer psychology and identify the key trends that a product needs to emphasise in order to succeed.

Our mission can only be achieved by working with trusted global partners in production, distribution and retail. If you are looking for a new business opportunity that can earn you more, get in touch today. We will be waiting to answer any questions that you might have.

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